TSI Standard

Product Description

TSI is a three-ply sound-insulating and vibration-damping material consisting of a high-density needle-punched calibrated mat produced mechanically without harmful binders in a non-woven shell.


Storage and transportation
ModificationsTSI LightTSI StandardTSI Standard STSI Forte
Length, mm**
Width, mm**
Thickness, mm*
Area, m2

* - the thickness of the material is indicated in a relaxed (not compressed) state.

** - dimensions include a protective cover made of non-woven material. Length tolerance: ±0.1m. Width tolerance: 1450 m ±0.05m.

ParameterTSI LightTSI StandardTSI Forte
Impact sound insulation improvement index, ΔLnw, dB
Thermal conductivity coefficient λ, W/(m*K)
Surface density, kg/m2
Dynamic elasticy modulus Ed, MPa,
dynamic stiffness, s', MN/m3, and relative comgression ratio, εd
Ed / εdEd / εdEd / εd
2000 Pa sample load
0.18 / 0.400.19 / 0.430.40 / 0.43
5000 Pa sample load
0.25 / 0.450.26 / 0.500.90 / 0.50
Fire hazard class
Storage and transportation
ParameterTSI LightTSI StandardTSI Standard STSI Forte
Dimentions (LxWxH), mm
600 x 900 x 300650 x 400 x 850750 x 500 x 350700 x 350 x 500
Material area, m2
Packing ammount, m2
Packing weight, kg *
Loading norm for 82m3 eurotruck, rolls

* - depending on the permissible deviations in size, density and moisture content of the material, the weight of the package may vary from the declared one.

TSI mats should be transported in covered bodies. Laying material on top of each other without height restrictions is allowed. When transporting, loading, unloading and storing mats, it is necessary to ensure their safety from damage, contamination and moisture.

TSI mats shall be stored in dry, enclosed premises or under a canopy in packages, away from atmospheric precipitation and groundwater. When storing, packages should be placed without sagging on wooden pallets, boards or other support materials.

The material is loaded manually without pallets for a larger load, therefore, a rigid crate in the truck is required. On customer request, the material may be stacked on pallets. But in this case loading norms are significantly reduced.

All the rolls are packed by a vacuum press, so packaging damage leads to a "swelling" of the roll and increase of its overall dimensions. Be careful not to damage protective packaging while carrying!