Sonokrep Protector Pro

Product Description

Sonokrep Protector Pro is an improved mount with elastomer rubbers for ceilings and walls. It may be used in sheathed frame structures for the reduction of vibration transfer and structure-borne noise. As a basis, the U-shaped perforated metal hanger made of galvanized steel is used. The hanger is integrated into special rubber elastomer by casting method which prevents from rigid contact between frame system and wall or ceiling bases. Increased area of the hanger base, if compared with Sonokrep Protector, makes it possible to tightly adjoin to the surface and avoid shifting of the hanger during mounting.



  • improved rubber elastomer
  • straight hanger (steel plate thickness: 1 mm)
  • rectangular metal plate
Storage and transportation
ModificationsSonokrep Protector Pro
Elastomer Length, mm
Elastomer Width, mm
Elastomer Height, mm
Hanger Height, mm
Weight, kg
Max. Load per Hanger, kg
Storage and transportation
ParameterSonokrep Protector Pro
Quantity per Box, pcs
Box Weight, kg
Box Size (LxWxH), mm
350 х 179 х 90
Box Volume, m3

Storage period is 60 months, subject to storage and transportation conditions.

After the warranty period of storage has expired, the products must be checked for compliance with the declared characteristics and, if they comply with the declared characteristics, the period of storage may be extended.

Loading and unloading of vibrating suspensions in packaging must be carried out in a way that prevents mechanical damage. Loading, fastening, transportation and unloading of products must be carried out in accordance with the current rules for this type of vehicle.

Products should be stored in specially equipped warehouses, sorted by order, at temperatures from 0°C to 30°C in dry, indoor areas in conditions that prevent exposure to precipitation and groundwater.

The mountings shall be loaded by boxes. For large consignments palletization of cargo is possible.